The Luxe Group is a boutique agency with offices in Palm Beach, New York, New England and Aberdeen, Scotland;  Specializing in lifestyle, consumer and not for profit markets, the company focuses on media coverage, special events, brand marketing, advertising, business development, meeting management and sponsorship solicitation.

The Luxe Group realizes that by staying ahead of the curve, being bold and having a commitment to creativity and excellence is imperative in the marketplace. Our strategic philosophy and definitive relationships allow us to be competitive, have an edge and really anticipate trends and needs.

The Luxe Group is dedicated to making a difference, as our name is on it too.  We know and trust that faithful dedication to our clients and our projects is the only way to do business.

The Luxe group believes that with our diverse strengths in a myriad of areas we are essentially an added team member to you or your organization.  Where ever you need to go, there we are.  Concept, Execution, Results and Excellence in the details are what we are about.